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HV-1000A automatic turret Vickers micro hardness testers

HV-1000A automatic turret Vickers micro hardness testers

HV-1000 automatic turret Micro Vivtorinox microhardness testers, in the mechanical, optical, light source unique precision design, make the indentation imaging more clear, more accurate measurement.

Feature & Use:

● HV-1000 automatic turret Vickers micro hardness testers, in the mechanical, optical, light source unique precision design, make the indentation imaging more clear, more accurate measurement. It is equipped with a digital micro eyepiece, without checking the table, automatically input the length of the diagonal line of the indentation, and can display the test method, test force, the length of the indentation, the holding time, the change ruler on the screen. The hardness value can be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen, and the data results can be displayed on the screen. Pass the printer output. The Knox pressure head can be selected for nu hardness measurement, and CCD image processing system can also be selected;
●The fuselage part of the product is formed by casting process once and has been treated for a long time. Compared with the technology of plate splicing, long-term use of variable shape is very small, and it can effectively adapt to all kinds of harsh environments.
● Use car paint baking varnish , high quality lacquer, anti-scratch ability, use for many years is still bright as new;
● The turbine worm lifting system greatly improves the stability and accuracy of the test, and does not need to focus again after the test is completed;
●The optical system designed by advanced optical engineers not only has clear image, but also can be used as a simple microscope, the brightness is adjustable, the vision is comfortable, and the long time operation is not easy to fatigue;
●Automatic turret is configured, and the operator can easily observe and measure the sample by switching the high and low objective lens freely, so as to avoid the damage to the optical lens, the pressure head and the test force system by the human operation habit;
●Using high resolution measurement and observation lens and high definition digital measuring eyepiece with built-in length encoder, the one key measurement of the indentation diagonal line is realized, and the error and trouble of manual input during the reading process are removed;
●optional CCD image processing system and video measurement device;

●Configure Bluetooth printer and select Bluetooth PC receiver to realize wireless printing and wireless data transmission;
●Accuracy is in line with GB/T4340.2 ISO6507-2 and us ASTM E384.
●Application area:
1. Ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, IC flakes, surface coatings, laminated metals;
2, glass, ceramics, agate, precious stones, thin plastic, etc.
3. Hardness test of depth and gradient of carbonized layer and quenching layer.
4. Precision micro Vivtorinox hardness measurement for parallel planes and micro parts and ultra-thin parts.


nametechnical parameter
Measuring range5-5000HV
Test force(N)0.09807、0.2452、0.4904、0.9807、1.961、2.942、4.904、9.807
Optical measurement systemObjective lens (N)10x,40x
Total magnification100x,400x
measuring range200μm
Dividing value0.025μm
XY coordinate test tableDimension stroke degree
Max. height of test piece120mm
Weight: approx40Kg
Depth of throat110mm

Standard accessories

XY coordinate test bench, thin shaft test bench, thin section test bench,small mouth clamp test bench1pc
Large flat anvil;Small flat anvil; V-notch anvil1pc
Diamond four pyramid press head1pc(Attached host)
Standard microhardness block2pcs

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Company Information:

Laizhou LaiHua Testing Instrument Factory was founded in 2010,which specializes in the

 manufacture of hardness testers  and metallographic equipment for metaland nonmetal

 materials.  Besides, it can also tailor special, large-scale dedicated machines for users.




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