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HRSS-150 digital display full Rockwell digital hardness testing machine

HRSS-150 digital display full Rockwell digital hardness testing machine

The HRSS-150 digital full Rockwell digital hardness testing machine integrates Rockwell, surface Rockwell and plastic Rockwell in a multi-functional hardness tester. 
Feature & Use:
The HRSS-150 digital full Rockwell digital hardness testing machine integrates Rockwell, surface Rockwell and plastic Rockwell in a multi-functional hardness tester. The Rockwell (ROCKWELL) measurement principle can be used to measure the hardness of Rockwell, surface Rockwell and plastic Rockwell. It is suitable for the hardness testing of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, nonferrous metal and engineering plastics. It has the characteristics of high testing precision, wide measuring range, automatic loading and unloading of main test force, digital display of measurement results, automatic printing or communication with external computer, etc. It can be widely used in testing, scientific research and production in metrology, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.
The product fuselage part is formed by casting process once and has been treated for a long time. Compared with the technology of plate splicing, long-term use of variable shape is very small, and it can effectively adapt to all kinds of harsh environments.
Automotive paint, high quality paint, strong scratch resistance, many years still bright as new;
The precision and stability of the whole machine are greatly improved. This hardness tester has 8 inches touch screen visual display and STM32 single chip microcomputer control system. It can realize human-computer dialogue and automatic operation. It has high test precision, simple operation, high sensitivity, easy to use and stable indication definite;
The electronic closed-loop control exerts experimental force, and fully realizes the automatic operation of test force exertion, dismounting, hardness value display and so on.
STM32 has the advantages of high frequency, fast running speed, suitable for large data processing and storage. The liquid crystal interface refreshes quickly. The system anti-jamming ability is more stable, more reliable, and lower error probability. The greatest advantage of STM32 can be embedded in the operating system, when the system is disturbed by the external signal to disturb the unstable false machine, You can handle errors by themselves.
The built-in test software can compensate the hardness of the machine, which makes the adjustment of the trace deviation no longer open the machine cover plate for mechanical adjustment, and reduces the cost of service and after-sales service.
According to the measured Rockwell hardness value automatically converted to the hardness value of other scale, no longer need to waste time and energy to inquire the tedious hardness control table;
Insert the printer and read the result of the test. It realizes automatic operation and eliminates manual operation and reading errors.
Accuracy is in line with GB/T230.2, ISO6508-2 and American ASTM E18 standard.
●Application area:
1. It is widely used for the determination of Rockwell hardness of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials.

2, plastics, composite materials, various kinds of friction materials, such as soft metal, non-metallic materials hardness;


nameHRSS-150 digital display full Rockwell hardness tester
Measuring range20-88HRA,
Test force (N)588.4980.71471147.1294.2441.3
Max. height of test piece180mm
Depth of throat165mm
Min. scale value0.1HR
Weight: approx85Kg


Standard accessories

A Scale standard hardness block1pc
B Scale standard hardness block1pc
C Scale standard hardness block3pc
15N Scale standard hardness block1pc
30T Scale standard hardness block1pc
30N Scale standard hardness block2pc
Screwdriver for press head installation1pc
1/16" Steel pressure ball 1pc
1/16" Spare steel ball5pc
 120°Conical head of diamond1pc
Size round plane sample table each1pc
V type working sample table1pc
Power line, instrument cover1pc

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