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How to check the stability of the Rockwell c hardness tester

Sep September, 2018

The Rockwell c hardness tester is an important indicator of mechanical properties, so the stability of the hardness tester is very important.

What is stability?

Stability refers to the ability of a measuring instrument to maintain its metering characteristics constant over time and can be characterized quantitatively, primarily to determine the relationship of metering characteristics over time. For measuring instruments, especially benchmarks, measurement standards or some physical measuring tools, stability is one of the important metering properties, and the stability of the indication is the basis for ensuring accurate values.

Factors that cause instrument instability

There are many factors that cause instability in measuring instruments, mainly due to aging of components, wear of components, and inadequate use, storage, and maintenance. The periodic verification or calibration of the measuring instrument is an assessment of its stability, and stability is also one of the important basis for scientifically and reasonably determining the verification cycle.

Test materials and methods

1. Test equipment:

The digital Rockwell hardness tester produced by Shanghai Shangcai Testing Machine Co., Ltd. has a purchase time of 8 years.

2. Test materials:

HRC standard block, HRB standard block.

3. Detection time:

2 months, test 5 days a week, start the test every day after the hardness tester is stable, the first point is not counted, test 3 points, calculate the average value and the range of 3 points.

4. Test method:

GB/T 230.1-2009

The stability study of the stability of the hardness tester can effectively help the laboratory to determine the verification period and improve the quality of work. The stability of the HRC Rockwell hardness scale is better, and the test period of the hardness tester can be maintained normally. The stability of the HRB Rockwell scale is relatively poor, and it is recommended to increase the frequency of verification during the period. For laboratories with busy inspections, it is recommended to purchase a hardness tester and two hardness testers to test HRB hardness and HRC hardness. If the labor costs are tight, it is recommended that the laboratory can shorten the metrological verification period of the hardness tester or increase the frequency of verification during the period to improve the stability of the test results.

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